LIFE-Solid by Floors for Life

Our LIFE-Solid Engineered wood floors feature an 8-ply, 1/2” overall thick construction that provides unsurpassed stability and durability without sacrificing the beauty or quality of real wood flooring

We use 7-plys of Baltic Birch cross-layered vs. secondary softer woods to build the base. Baltic Birch is flatter and more stable than the other options and the cross-layering provides enhanced internal balance. As a result, seasonal movement is minimal because the cross-layering provides dimensional stability though the change of seasons.

Finally, we add a 3.5mm thick Sawn Face wood surface which produces both the exact same visual as a solid piece of wood floor and the necessary thickness to professionally sand and refinish like a solid wood floor if ever desired. The cross-layered 8-plys are bonded with a high strength, non-toxic and eco-friendly glue.

The superb dimensional stability and resistance to humidity or temperature changes allows us to produce a wider width plank that installs and provides years of worry free durability. In addition to wider widths, you want a longer plank to provide a more appealing visual. Our LIFE-Solid flooring is made in random lengths up to 87” long.

All of the surface treatments we produce, down to the staining and proprietary finishing process on our LIFE-Solid flooring is completed in our Macon, GA plant.

L – Lifetime Finish: Our lifetime finish warranty provides peace of mind in knowing you’ve selected a floor that is quality built and will stand up to years of use. We utilize a 7-layer proprietary finish process with Aluminum Oxide for increased wear resistance and a stain and scratch resistant Nano Technology top coat for lasting beauty.

I – Installation Options: The 1/2” thick-engineered construction allows you to install our floors on, above or below grade. The alternating 8-ply construction provides increased dimensional stability, less expansion and contraction which all equal worry free installations. Our products can be glued, nailed, stapled or floated.

F – Fashion Forward: Our flooring features leading edge visuals, texture and color with a commitment to quality and individuality. Combining these features with wide width planks and longer length boards gives you an aesthetically pleasing visual in traditional to rustic decors.

E – Environmentally Friendly: Our production process and species selections all focus on sustainability. We only use non-endangered woods and are producing 4 to 5 times more flooring out of the same lumber normally used to produce one piece of ¾” solid hardwood flooring. Furthermore, our flooring products comply with CARB Phase 2 and have been certified under FloorScore® and GREENGUARD Gold standards.

Complying with the U.S. Lacey Act, ensures our wood is legally harvested and does not come from endangered species

CARB Phase 2 tested ensures our wood flooring and the air we breathe is healthy and free from carcinogens that can harm us.

FloorScore® Certification and GREENGUARD Certification - our wood floors have been tested and certified flooring in compliance with indoor air quality emission requirements adopted in California. Meeting these stringent standards means our wood floors are low VOC and will contribute to good indoor air quality.